Last Update 11/10/2018

2018-10-11 05:43:55.330

1-ADV B remove from npc + Remove Elixir from game 2-Fix Event So ok 3- change glow + add new effect style from this game 4-fixed pvp war @ union guild working + remove pk 5-add model new from degree 1 to 9 at npc 6-change plus adv +4 to +8 7-[ change Price ] of items donation 8-add drop gold coin to Anubis , Isis , Neith , Selket 9-Reduce hp Seth/Haroeris uniques and reduce damage

Last Update

2018-09-18 04:18:02.680

-Stun skill had been removed permanently from medusa skills.

-Capture the flag event had been fixed,you will be rewarded with 1x global chat once you killed your enemies.

-Media font had been changed to Thaome instead of Arial.

-Added new trade route from donwhang to hotan(you have to buy your goods from trader npc which is located at dw).

-Added new 30 titles.


2018-07-03 18:06:55.043

-Jangan Fw had been opened instead of hotan the time still remains.

-added unique event to the automatic list.

-added new STR Roc.

-Model switcher scroll had been fixed.

-added new avatars.

-LMS event had been fixed (it wont be cheatable anymore).

-added new gold scroll(2b currency).

-dw cave mobs located at samarkand region instead of the cave


2017-11-13 22:05:14.690

-Removed Alchemy event

-Character skin price changed

-Changed Lonar Unique skills

-Removed job from uniques room

-Added Medusa at Uniques room Appear every 5 hours, killer gets 300 Gold Coins

-All new accounts will start with [PREM & HONOR]

Jangan Fortress Disabled, Hotan Enabled

Added Avatar Blue remove scroll


2017-09-16 12:31:30.627

- Changed price of some items at npc

- Added new 2 avatars

- Added new Unique drop :

-50 gold coin

-50 arena coin

-10 global

-1 model switch

-1 weapon changer

Spawn at Donwhang South

Added Gold Coin at npc {NEW}

Server Status : Online
Online Players : 210 EASY
Degree : 10
Cap : 100
PT & SP : 1x
Drop Rate : 1x
Drop Gold Rate : 1x
IP Limit : Unlimited
Races : CH & EU
FGW : Working
Plus Limit : 14 no Adv
CTF : Enabled
Server Time
Time :
Fortress : 9:30 PM
CTF : Every 2H
Medusa : Every 6H
Selket & Neith
11:30 and 16:30
Anubis & Isis
13:30 and 19:30
Haroeris & Seth
15:30 and 20:30

Jangan : RoyalGuards_ 0%


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